Teeth Extraction for Braces: Alternatives and More

Teeth Extraction for Braces
April 10, 2024

At Dental Expert, we provide a wide variety of orthodontic treatments to meet your needs, including braces for children, braces for adults, and even Invisalign. In some orthodontic cases, it may be necessary to remove teeth to place braces, which can lead to a healthier smile and straighter teeth. Tooth extraction is a safe and effective option for people who have an overcrowding problem or who have impacted alignment due to an excess of teeth.

The purpose of this blog is to answer any questions you may have regarding dental extractions before, during, or after Invisalign or braces treatment.

What is the procedure for tooth extraction for braces?

Just like teeth extraction for any other reason, like a broken, decaying, or infected tooth, teeth extraction for braces is a simple procedure in which your dentist will surgically remove a few teeth to create some space to enable movement of other teeth to give you straighter, more well-aligned teeth.

To alleviate pain and ensure a smooth treatment, a local anesthetic is typically administered to the area to be treated. More complicated extractions may require general anesthesia in certain instances.

Factors Responsible for Extraction of Teeth for Orthodontic Treatment?

In most cases, extraction is not necessary. Avoiding extractions is always the priority of dentists when it comes to repositioning the patient’s natural teeth for optimal health. But tooth extraction can be a long-term solution for some people who visit us with substantial dental crowding.

To achieve a stable bite and alleviate crowding, tooth extractions may be necessary in certain orthodontic cases.

What are the Reasons for Dental Crowding?

When the jaw is too small to fit all of the teeth, a condition known as dental crowding occurs. The following are examples of frequent causes of dental crowding:

  • Heredity: some people are born with crowded teeth or a tiny jaw.
  • Habits: Children’s teeth can become crowded if they thumb-suck or use a pacifier for long periods.
  • When baby teeth don’t fall out at the recommended intervals, it can lead to crowding when adult teeth erupt.
  • Crowding can result from misaligned jaws, which can happen when certain medical conditions or behaviors cause abnormal jaw growth.
  • Crowding of the remaining teeth can occur if permanent teeth are lost at an early or late stage, respectively.
  • Discontinuation or I’m proper execution of orthodontic treatment might cause crowding of the teeth.

If you want to avoid more severe dental issues and have perfect oral health, you should take care of dental crowding as soon as possible.

Alternatives to Teeth Extraction for Braces

Tooth extraction is just one option among several; the one a patient chooses depends on their unique condition and treatment requirements. Here are a few popular alternatives:

  • Composite resin is one dental material that can be used to fill tiny cavities and restore the strength and contour of the tooth.
  • A root canal operation can be done to remove damaged tissue and maintain the original tooth when the pulp inside the tooth becomes infected.
  • Teeth with decay or injury can have their strength, form, and appearance restored with a dental crown, a custom-made cap that fits over the tooth.
  • Dental bridges are prosthetic devices that use the teeth on each side of the space to replace a missing tooth.
  • To replace a missing tooth, a dental implant, which is essentially an artificial root, is surgically implanted in the jawbone.
  • The ideal course of action depends on your specific situation, so it’s wise to talk to a dentist about your options.

Will Orthodontic Treatment Close the Extraction Gap Between Teeth?

The complexity of the case, the patient’s age, the distance the teeth need to travel, and the patient’s level of compliance with their orthodontist’s instructions are some of the factors that can greatly affect how long it takes for braces to fix extraction gaps. Closing extraction gaps can take an average of several months to more than a year.


If you think you or your child might benefit from braces, schedule an appointment at the Dental Expert Clinic for braces and take the first step toward a gorgeous, confident smile!

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