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Our Smile Designing and Cosmetic Dentistry Services are for everyone who longs for perfect white teeth and a gorgeous smile. Our Cosmetic Dentistry services include a range of treatments from ceramic veneers, digital smile design, composite restoration, to dental implants, dental lumineers and gum recontouriing.


Root canal treatment helps save natural teeth with deep cavities and infections. We at Dental Expert perform painless Root Canal Treatment, thereby immediately relieving you from that intolerable pain and also preserving your priceless natural structures and teeth.


Dental Implants at Dental Expert provide a fixed replacement of missing teeth or teeth doomed for extraction. Our team of specialist implantologists at Dental Expert provide you the best options, safest and quickest options for dental implants.


Visit Dental Expert for Invisalign. A custom-made pair of nearly invisible, clear braces called Invisalign is used to correct the majority of orthodontic issues, including overbites, under bites, and cross bites. Best suited for working adults and youngsters not wanting fixed braces.


Facial Pain management includes treating and managing oral, facial pain and headaches that affects the head and neck but may not have a dental cause. At Dental Expert, Dr. Denzil Albuquerque is specialized in Pain management with a Fellowship from USA. We assure to do our best to take care of all such pains and give you relief.


At Dental Expert, we are aware of the significance of a pleasing smile. Many people experience gaps, flared or crowded teeth. In these situations, orthodontic treatment is a successful method of aligning teeth and involves taking several steps to enhance the facial and teeth appearance and functionality. To receive the best orthodontic care, get in touch with us.


Whiter teeth are youthful, confident and attractive. Teeth whitening is a simple hour long process, and the best teeth whitening services are available at Dental Expert. Your teeth will become brilliant and shining in no time with the help of expert teeth whitening products. Be it your wedding or a family function or a professional meeting, teeth whitening is a quick and assured cosmetic treatment for a confident, shining smile.


The four permanent teeth at the back of both side of each jaw are known as wisdom teeth. Adulthood is when wisdom teeth often erupt, but they are also frequently the most problematic teeth. A surgical operation to remove one or more of these teeth is called a wisdom tooth extraction. Extractions of troubling wisdom teeth are highly recommended.


Snoring and sleep disturbances like night grinding of teeth and clenching can easily be solved by an appliance custom made and placed between your teeth. These appliances fabricated at Dental Expert have also been found to decrease sleep apnoea and thus improve overall health.


Worn out teeth, loss of multiple teeth result in cosmetic and functional disabilities ultimately affecting food intake and health. Full mouth rehabilitation involves restoring the teeth and replacing missing teeth with dental implants. This process when executed by the specialist team at Dental Expert, helps bring back that youthful smile and conformable chewing.


Having a denture is one option if you are missing some or all of your teeth. Find the most comfortable Dentures at Dental Expert in Malad to repair your damaged smile and let you enjoy food like everyone else.


At Dental Expert we love to treat little ones, not with sweets but with oral care and hygiene. Routine checkups can help save your child’s teeth and help them build good oral habits for perfect oral health for a lifetime. It is advised that every child should have a routine dental checkup once a child turns two.


Decay and injury are most often the cause of a tooth extraction. A tooth extraction is one of the most common dental treatments and can get rid of infection and helps to enhance general oral health.


Dental surgeries are performed at Dental Expert by Dr. Denzil Albuquerque. The mouth, gums, and teeth are the focus of dental surgery. Dental Expert provides treatment, prevention, diagnosis, and research for illnesses, disorders, and diseases of the oral cavity through dental surgery.

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