Facial pain management

Facial pain management

Facial Pain Management

Facial Pain management includes treating and managing orofacial pain that affects the head and neck but does not have a dental cause. At Dental Expert, we take care of all such pains and give you relief.

Tolerating that uncomfortable throbbing pain for long? Or do you feel pain in your jaw or does your jaw makes a clicking sound accompanied by pain while you’re chewing? Chances are it could be TMJ one of the top causes of non dental related facial pains. Other reasons of Facial pain of non-dental cause includes headaches like migraines, headaches due to tension or stress and cluster headaches, nerve pain neuropathy and trigeminal neuralgia, neck and shoulder pain (related to posture), as well as discomfort from oral ulcers, burning mouth syndrome, and oral mucositis.

Visit us to make sure your facial pain is not due to dental causes and let our experts give you relief.

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