What’s the difference between a dentist and an endodontist?

What’s the difference between a dentist and an endodontist?
July 07, 2023

While all endodontists are dentists, less than five percent of dentists are endodontists.

A diseased tooth can be saved with root canal (endo-dontic) treatment. For this reason, endodontists proudly refer to themselves as Specialists in Saving Teeth. (Endo: inside, dontics: tooth)

Endodontist vs. Dentist

Endodontists Have Advanced Education

Just like a doctor in any other field, endodontists are specialists because they’ve completed an additional three years of specific post-graduate training.

To become specialists, endodontists have two to three years of additional education in an advanced specialty program in endodontics after completing five years of dental school.

They focus on studying diseases of the dental pulp and nerves within the tooth and how to treat them.

The additional training focuses on diagnosing tooth pain and infections within the tooth, clinical training for root canal treatments to save a tooth.

Endodontists Have Specialized Expertise and Experience

By limiting their practice to endodontics, endodontists focus exclusively on treatments of the dental pulp. They complete an average of 25 root canal treatments a week, while general dentists typically do two.

Endodontists dedicate their time to diagnosing and treating tooth pain. They are skilled specialists in finding the cause of oral and facial pain that has been difficult to diagnose and treat.

Over the years, endodontists deal with different and difficult variations of root canal treatments. Endodontists are thus best suited to treat routine and clinically challenging root canals.

Endodontists Are Experts in Pain Management

Endodontists use specialized techniques to ensure patients are thoroughly comfortable and absolutely pain free during root canal treatments.

They are experts in administering numbing medications, especially in patients and teeth who traditionally have problems getting and staying numb. Thus, painless root canals is more of a norm with endodontists.

In addition to treating you comfortably, patients are relieved of tooth pain after their root canal procedure when the pulp infection or wound heals.

Endodontists Use Cutting-Edge Technologies

Endodontists have materials and equipment designed to make your treatment more comfortable and successful.

A root canal space is usually slightly as small as a strand of hair. Endodontists use dental operating microscopes to magnify and better see inside the root canals to thoroughly treat them.

Digital x-rays and 3-D CT scans allow endodontists to take detailed 3D pictures of teeth to better see the root canals and any related infections.

They use a small sheet of plastic or rubber called a dental dam to isolate the tooth during treatment, protecting your tooth and the rest of your mouth.

Endodontists Provide Better Experience in Lesser Time

With the equipment and technological updates, along with their experience in the procedure, endodontists are best suited to perform single visit root canal treatments.

Lesser treatment visits is convenient for the patient as lesser anaesthesia and more comfortable scheduling. This leads to an overall better experience with painless and quick root canal treatment.

Dr. Denzil Albuquerque is a super-specialized expert in advanced root canal treatments. Dr. Denzil is one of the select few endodontists in the city of Mumbai and India, who has been practising with an dental operating microscope for each dental procedure from over 10 years. He is referred complex clinical cases from across the city and also from overseas. Dr. Denzil Albuquerque is a silver medallist during his post-graduate days and has won numerous awards across the spectrum.

Be assured for a painless, blissful experience with your root canal treatments with Dr. Denzil Albuquerque at Dental Expert Clinic.

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